Security Fundamentals
The Information Security Cycle
Information Security Controls
Authentication Methods
Cryptography Fundamentals
Security Policy Fundamentals

Social Engineering
Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities
Network-Based Threats
Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
Software-Based Threats

Network Devices and Technologies
Network Design Elements and Components
Implement Networking Protocols
Apply Network Security Administration Principles
Secure Wireless Traffic

Establish Device/Host Security
Application Security
Data Security
Mobile Security

Access Control and Authentication Services
Implement Account Management Security Controls

Lesson 6: Managing Certificates
Install a CA Hierarchy
Enroll Certificates
Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
Renew Certificates
Revoke Certificates
Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys

Physical Security
Legal Compliance
Security Awareness and Training

Security Policy Fundamentals Risk Analysis
Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
Scan for Vulnerabilities
Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques

Respond to Security Incidents
Recover from a Security Incident

Business Continuity
Plan for Disaster Recovery
Execute DRPs and Procedure

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